The Perennial Truth


Awakening of the Soul

The nature of consciousness is oneness. And its main law is continuity, immortality. It’s there before the creation of the universe, it’s there after the end of the universe. Consciousness is a limitless void of infinite potential.

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Words from the Scribe

When I began my spiritual journey twenty six years ago, I was submerged in the river of life, and unable to make sense of its ever-changing currents. I found myself reaching out in desperation, searching for some branch of wisdom from beyond my perceived reality, so that I could drag my perception above its surface and see existence for what it truly was. The Perennial Truth is such a branch. Contained within it is an unchanging truth that will help you understand who you are and why you are here, giving you the tools to meet life’s currents head on, and rise above them. The Perennial Truth provides context, which gives rise to understanding. Understanding fosters acceptance, and acceptance leads to trust and ultimately to an appreciation of reality as it is. I cannot show you the truth of the present moment, because a moment’s truth is ever-changing. The Perennial Truth, however, does not change. When you understand its higher context and you begin to apply it to your life experiences, each moment’s truth will be revealed to you with unquestionable clarity.

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TLB Kruger is available as an expert speaker. He also offers further self understanding programs towards awakening consciousness.


As described in the book, the archetypes govern your thoughts, feelings and actions. Learn more with your True Personality Profile.


Learn the ancient Maha Khala technique, as described in the book, and discover how to come into the present moment at will.


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The Age of Aquarius offers the resurrection of the ancient tao of tantra. 

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About The Perennial Truth

The Perennial Truth is the truth that does not change. It gives you something to hold onto while you explore the ever-changing currents of life. Like the soul, The Perennial Truth comes form a realm that is beyond creation. It allows one to view life from a higher context, like a picture of the completed puzzles on the box of life. Each of us interprets life and its events according to our personal level of understanding. The questions we ask, causal patterns we discern, connections we make, and facts we assume leads us to infer and come to conclusions that are personal to us, and therefore subjective. The body of knowledge provided in this book describes the constituent parts and workings of known reality and our existence within it from a causal level.  The Perennial Truth enables the awakening of your immortal being. 



In order to commence your personal journey toward the truth, sincerity is required—not to others but to yourself. Unless you step beyond your ego’s conditioning and admit that you do not know the truth firsthand, through personal experience, your journey has not yet begun. Instead, you live the life of a spectator, resting in the shade of a tree rather than courageously traversing the path that leads through the valley of the shadow of death toward the peak of human consciousness.

I would like to assure you that the journey to the higher realm of existence does not end where it began, as do the mortal journeys of life that are subservient to the wheels of time. Its destination is the present moment, the abode of your soul, the only place that’s real. Being in the present moment connects us to all of creation through the oneness of the soul. The past is dead, and the future never comes. Along the way, you will discover that the journey to the truth is a spontaneous dance, one of give and take; an intimate communion with life and the beyond.

Once you admit that all you have is another’s truth and not the truth of your soul, the journey has begun. There can be no greater quest. It is the quest for the Holy Grail, the philosopher’s stone that turns lead into gold, you into your immortal self.

Awakening of the Soul

When you sleep at night and dream, your unconscious mind projects an imaginary world into the void of your consciousness. There is nothing in your dream but your own consciousness. The people you dream of, are not actually there. It is your own consciousness pretending to be them. And so it is with everything in the dream. There is nothing in the dream separate from you, and yet you feel separate from everything else in the dream. This is the paradox of dreams. And the same is true of life.

What you perceive as reality is just a projection of your mind into the void of your consciousness. It is your mind’s version of the world, constructed from what the brain is receiving from the senses. A controlled hallucination of the mind. And the same is true for your image of yourself – it is simply a projection of your mind.

The soul is that fragment of universal consciousness that hosts your world perception and thinks it is the “you” at the center of your world. What you experience as you and your world is the dream of your soul. When the soul awakens from the dream called life, it realizes its true nature.

I mentioned earlier that the nature of consciousness is oneness. And its main law is continuity, implying immortality. It’s there before the creation of the universe, it’s there after the end of the universe.

Universal Consciousness is like a void, an unlimited space of infinite potential. A void in which an entire universe can be hosted. And as above, so below.The consciousness of your soul is like a chalice, a holy grail that hosts your entire world appearance.  Your consciousness contains your world with you, the ego, at the center of it. Your mind’s projection fills your void of consciousness with five dimensions received from the senses. And within that world, that arises within your consciousness is that “you”, just like in the dream.

The consciousness of your soul is like the sky. Clouds can come and go, but the soul is untouched, virginal, unblemished by everything that arises in it and dissipates from it.

If Universal Consciousness is the great void then your soul is a mini void. Your soul is a fragment of consciousness, a little void that accommodates all your sense perceptions. All your thoughts, all your feelings arise and disappear within this void.

The dream ends when the dreamer wakes up. Only then does the dreamer realize the unreality of the dream. When the soul awakens from the dream called life, it realizes that none of it was truly real. This is called liberation. Moksha.

This person you think you are right now, and this world you perceive right now arises within the consciousness, within the void, of your soul. At the end of your lifetime, it all disappears, just like a dream, only to be replaced by the next dream, the next life. The soul remains untouched by what comes and goes. It is immortal. Begotten. The soul is the true you.

I found a lot of benefit in reading this, particularly the material on the seals and Maha Khala. Although I’ve practiced and studied in this area, there was something in the way Tantra was explained that I found especially accessible. I also found lots of value in the material on the personas, too, especially seeing how they operate through Tjaart’s personal experience, which made them come alive. So, it’s been a valuable experience for me.  
Ed Levy
Have you ever felt as if you were reading a book from the future, and not only the future, but an advanced form of humankind? As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are so connected to the universe and its intrinsic powers—all we have to do is to allow ourselves to tap into it. TLB Kruger to me, is almost other-worldly and brings us wisdom from the future into our present so that we can wake up now, in this lifetime.
Phillipa Mitchell
South Africa